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SSCP 1.2.2 (Firefox 3.0+)
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StyleSheet Chooser Plus is an enhanced version of Stylesheet Chooser (an extension for former version of Firefox, not maintened anymore by its creator Rob Tougher). SSCP permits choice of document stylesheets, if page's author provides alternatives styles. The choice is kept during navigation and between sessions.

Detailed features follows (since v1.0) :

  • Customizes View > Page Style menu with SSCP menu
  • Adds a status bar icon to Firefox, in order to select easily a style. Icon's appearance change whenever there are alternatives styles or not
  • Keeps style choice during navigation and even if Firefox is closed
  • Propagates (or not, according to the preferences) the style choice to other open windows, if the same website is open in it
  • If user disables all styles for the current site, when he leaves it, styles are reactivated (the default behavior of Firefox is to keep the disable state for the tab)
  • Saved styles can be deleted from preferences
  • Localization
  • Preferences are imported from former version of SSCP or Stylesheet Chooser
  • Stop using old version numbering based on last Stylesheet Chooser version

For curious people, technicals details :

  • SSCP uses new Firefox 2 Storage system (SSCP 1.0 is therefore only compatible with this version and later ones). SSCP 1.1.0 relies on Firefox 3 content preferences system.
  • SSCP uses mainly native code of Firefox to apply style selection, this to avoid reinvent the wheel, like with previous versions which have its own code
  • Object oriented Javascript


Selection icon

General preferences

Saved styles

Version history

Changes of v1.2.2 (07/08/2010)

Fix install package

Changes of v1.2.0 (01/07/2008)

Fix preferences to only show page styles

New contextual icons, showing each possible state : no style, basic page style and alternative style

Changes of v1.1.0 (31/05/2008)

Compatibility with Firefox 3.0

Use new Firefox 3 site by site storage

Changes of v1.0.0.1 (25/10/2006)

Fixes non-working RSS icon problem

Changes of v1.0 (30/09/2006)

Compatibility with Firefox 2.0

Changes of v1.0pre2 (05/08/2006)

New buttons in preferences dialog to delete styles, instead of delete key

Stylesheet switching system fixed

Changes of v1.0pre1 (25/07/2006)

Use new Firefox 2 Storage service

Use Firefox native code for style switching

Better coding

Ability to save disabled state, and to reactivate styles when leaving a website

Ability to delete stored styles from preferences dialog

The View > Page style menu is back

Changes of v0.2.6.1 (31/05/2006)

Doubled View > Page style menu fixed. These menus have been completely deleted.

Changes of v0.2.6 (02/11/2005)

Conformity with Firefox 1.5. This version is not anymore Firefox 1.0.x compatible. Use following 0.2.5 if you have an old version of Firefox.

Changes of v0.2.5 (29/01/2005)

New option to show status bar icon even if there isn't any alternative style (the userChrome.css trick is not anymore necessary)

Stylesheets detection system fixed (default style could be briefly shown)

Changes of v0.2.4.1 (11/12/2004)

The extension was totally broken

Changes of v0.2.4 (08/12/2004)

Stylesheets detection system fixed

New option to propagate style choice to other window instances

Changes of v0.2.3 (18/11/2004) :

Stylesheet Chooser preferences import

Stylesheets detection system enhanced

Better save of stylesheet selections (RDF Cache)

Changes of v0.2.2 (10/11/2004) :

Better integration with existing Firefox themes (using original ID for status bar icon)

Ability to always show status bar icon. Add #page-theme-button { display: list-item !important; } to userChrome.css in your profile (in chrome sub-folder)

Changes of v0.2.1 :

Menus were partially broken.

en-US locale added